The Radar Room

Things to consider when booking the Radar Room for either a presentation, or as just a manned exhibit at a typical 1940s event.


We currently have a few pre-assembled powerpoint talks detailing WW2 chain-home radar, air to sea radar,  radio direction finding, covert (clandestine / spy) radio sets, wartime radio sets and radio navigation aids. We normally include a couple of functioning display items associated with that particular talk.

We bring with us the equipment and the powerpoint, but we will need to use the customers projector and computer to display the presentation slides.


To bring the RADAR ROOM to life we will need several things in order to do so.

1) Mains POWER. Just one ordinary 13 Amp outlet will do.

2) An INDOOR location. Our screens will not be viewable in ordinary daylight thus rendering the whole exercise as pointless in us attending your event. The indoor location itself should ideally not be brightly lit for the above reason. Remember that radar screens etc. were designed to be viewed with restricted ambient light.

3) Preferably three 6’ stable display tables, or maybe 4 of these if you want some static exhibits as well.  Bear in mind that some of the equipment is VERY heavy.


An assortment of direction and warning notices, separate exhibit notices, plus a wide variety of laminated ‘photos relevant to the display being used that day.


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